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Taking care of their babies could be a major issues especially for first timer mommies after they gave birth. It was realized by our founders that opening a baby spa could help mothers and their children.


We provide the best services and facilities for children to develop and growth. We provide information in child growth. We conduct social activities that involve children to care others and environment



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Why Choose Us

Hello Moms! All of you who want to relax at the spa, but feel guilty about leaving your babies behind, now don’t worry Moms! Bring them along! In Little Fingers Spa, Both of you could be enjoy the happiness spa together. Here some reasons why you must come here as soon as possible with your baby and kids.

The Best Service by Professional Staff

We’re different. Our staff consist of highly trained professionals and has long experience in spa services. We has professional midwife whose competent to serve baby and kids spa. They also competence to gives colsultation services about baby growth. We also has professional psychologist which help moms to monitor child psychology. Therefore Little Finger Spa is the right place to get SPA services for baby, kids, and mommy.

Our Services is Truly Safe and Hygienic

We believe that healthy body is start from the hygienic and clean body. So that, we emphasize safety and hygiene spa services for all visitor. We select the safety and highly quality materials and clean up intensively. We also use disposable waters for swim activity, so it’s prevent the baby or kids by the emergence of dangerous bacteria.

We Provides The Perfect Spa for Baby and Kids

Baby and kids spa has been part of daily life in urban cultures, especially in Surabaya City. That’s why Little Finger Spa provides the professional baby spa in this city. Our services for baby and kids spa is very complete such as Hydrotheraphy (flotation and exercise in water), Organic Massage and Pediatric Massage. These service are truly supports mental and physical development so essential to your baby’s ability to move with control and act with purpose on land.

Pamper Women and Mommy

As we know, spa treathment is very beneficial to relaxation’s activity, improves blood circulation, makes sleep better, etc. Therefore, we offer various spa services for women and mommy such as Expecting Mom (Pregnancy Massage), Postnatal Treatment, Face Therapy, V-Ratus Spa, Breast Care, Traditional Slimming Treatment, and Hot Wrapping.

Great Events for Supporting Baby Growth

We are not only provides various spa services for supporting baby growth. But, we also active to hold various education events for supporting baby growth in Indonesia, especially Surabaya City. We often held a seminar, workhop, and talkshow about parenting with the competence speaker. We also held various fun activity with baby or kids like riding horse, drawing wallet coin, fish scooping, etc..

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